China Develops First Computer For The Blind

By Editor
March 04, 2004

The new Tongchuang Blue Sky computer, developed by two companies based in the northeastern China province of Heilongjiang, has been developed as a means to allow the blind and those with eye diseases to access the cyberspace with a Chinese-Braille keyboard, a mouse and two ears.

The Tongchuang Blue Sky comes with a special input system that codes and decodes the Chinese and Braille languages, as well as software to read the screen for the users.

The computer is a joint product between Chen’s company and the Tongchuang Information Industry Group based in the oil rich Daqing City. Figures show China has around 9 million people suffering from eyes diseases, more than 5 million of whom are blind. As digital technology and networking have become a major source of information, blind people are eager to update their knowledge and improve their lives.

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