Huawei Launches First China-Made 3G Phone

By Editor
March 23, 2004

Despite that China’s 3G network is still undergoing outfield tests, the battle over 3G phone manufacturing has already begun.

Shenzhen-based Huawei Technologies announced yesterday that it has already launched the first China-made 3G phone during the Global 3G Conference held in Cannes, France this February,. Huawei plans to start full-scale manufacturing in June.

The new phone features a 65000-color screen and is based on the European WCDMA standard. It is double-mode phone, operating with WCDMA and GSM, with functions that include the GPRS and SMS services of GSM phones as well as the multi-media functions particular to 3G phones such as high-speed data transmission, MPEG4 support, and mp3 playback.

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