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By TechSecurityChina.com Editor
May 31, 2013

The geopolitics of the Middle East explained to Holland, Fabius and other impostors who govern us

The global strategy of the United States

After forty years of bi-polarity shared with the USSR, the United States found itself for a time in a unipolar context after the fall of their rival at the beginning of the years
Geopolitics is a discipline whose bases were invented by Mackinder and Spykman in the first half of the 20th American So to do this, the first step is to build a doctrine with created enemies of all
In summary, to maintain their supremacy, the United States must achieve 4 goals: 1) Keep them wide world military superiority
2) take control of raw materials
3) prevent by domination or containment of other states or alliances of states, to reach a comparable level of power
4) Convince the opinio public ns of their good faith

Military aspect
The US defense budget, largely self-fueled by the influence of their military-industrial complex is by far the most important of the
point deserves a caveat, indeed, the Russians have a reverse strategy, namely defensive and their technology in this area is superior to the offensive technology of Americans [4].

The control of raw materials and middle east country
Since the end of the second world war, the United States has allied for a renewable 60 years to the Islamist theocracy (*) of Saudi Arabia (1st world oil reserve) during the famous pact sealed on the cruiser US Quincy in 1945 by
This pact included security in oil supply for the Americans in exchange for their protection After this long-term alliance with the world’s largest oil producer and when the superp rival power had disappeared, the “manifest destiny” of the Americans led themNaturally to attempt the almost complete takeover of the means
All these reasons justified the will of military remodeling of the Middle East of the years 2000 launched under the era of (*) The Wahhabi regime of Saudi Arabia is a barbaric theocracy based on a strict application of Salafism. The latter has inspired the ideology displayed by the state France has also delivered weapons directly to Islamists, especially powerful anti-tank missiles Milan found themselves in the hands of Al -…

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