To increase the wonder and surprise

By Editor
June 06, 2013

The Muslims have agreed on the legitimacy of Eid prayer, and some of them said: She is Sunnah. And some of them said: the imposition of sufficiency. And some of them said: The imposition of an eye and those who left it iniquity, and quoted that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) commanded even those who are in a state of khidoor and al-awaqat and those who do not usually go out to attend the Eid prayer.

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The described that way, however, sound like very artificial constraints some dependent on commercial considerations (top notes) and others on propriety. I would think a good perfumier would be, on some level, aware of the rules and thus able to manipulate them. So Picasso, for instance, would know how to draw in a realist style but would decide not to in order to create an alternative effect.

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