Posts Tagged ‘author’ Promises Chinese Writers Commissions On Book Sales

Chinese B2C e-commerce website has announced that it has launched a campaign starting from June 1, 2011, to return 3% of its sales of books to the original writers. plans to operate this subsidy scheme for three years. Writers who want to gain the subsidy need to register, and once approved by, […]

Pen Frustration: Chinese Writers Furious Over Google’s Copyright Agenda has posted a message allegedly from Google which states that the American search engine will compensate Chinese writers USD60 for each book of each writer who agrees to allow Google to use the book online.
This payment policy has angered many Chinese writers, who have filled online forums with statements about Google’s hegemonic behavior.
The search […]

China’s Sets Up CNY200,000 Anti-piracy Fund

China’s literature website has published a notice on its website stating that it will set up a anti-piracy fund and invest CNY200,000 as a first-phase investment.