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China Lowers Corporate Income Tax Rate For 186 Software Enterprises

Chinese government departments have jointly issued a notice about key software enterprises included in China’s […]

Canon Will Focus More On Chinese Market

According to Howard Ozawa, president and CEO of Canon China, the Chinese company has become the core for Canon’s global deployment and the group has launched a new strategy to complete its product coverage in the country in a short period.

Canon Accused Of Discriminating Against Chinese Consumers

Canon China has published a document via Zhejiang Provincial Consumers’ Right Protection Commission, offering solutions to consumers in Zhejiang Province who have purchased the 19 types of problematic Canon cameras, but the company’s behavior has caused consternation among consumers from other Chinese provinces who criticize Canon for discriminating against them by not providing them a […]

Sayonara: Japanese Enterprises Are Not Respected In China

A survey targeted at 52 Japanese companies operating in China shows that two-thirds of these companies are respected by less than 10% of the respondents.