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China’s Cashless Alliance Gains New ATM Member

China’s leading ATM company GRG Banking announced plans to join Cashless Alliance and the company said they would launch innovative …

Carrefour Enters Taiwan’s Mobile Communication Market

The international retail giant Carrefour will cooperate with the Taiwan-based Chunghwa Telecom to jointly provide mobile communication services in a mobile virtual network operator cooperative model in Taiwan.

Microsoft Launches One-week Software Discount In China

What’s better than free Microsoft (MSFT) software? Paid Microsoft software.

Carrefour Removed From Chinese Internet

According to staff from Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Chinese word for “Carrefour” has been screened and removed from all the major Chinese search engines.

Dell Products To Enter China’s Retail Sector

Michael Dell, founder of Dell Corporation, comes to China today to attend the ceremony of Dell PC products’ entry into Zhongguancun Hengchang Electronic City, a move that marks the ownership of a full-range retail channel by the computing giant in the Chinese market.