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Chinese Search Engine Baidu Gains Online Banking License

Not only will China’s biggest search engine have access to netizens’ online search habits, it will soon also hold dominion …

Alibaba Health Reaches Settlement With Oracle

Alibaba Health Information Technology Limited, formerly known as CITIC 21CN Company Limited, has settled a legal dispute with Oracle.

Sanlian Group’s Lawsuit Against Gome Rejected By Shandong Court

Sanlian Commerce, a subsidiary of the Shandong-based electronics retailer Sanlian Group, has published a report stating the Shandong Supreme People’s Court has rejected Sanlian Group’s lawsuit against Gome about the share auction of Sanlian Commerce.
On January 7, 2008, China’s CITIC Bank Jinan branch applied to sell the 27 million stakes in Sanlian Commerce owned by […]

Sanlian Group Sues Gome Over Illegal Acquisition

Shandong-based retailer Sanlian Group has sued several companies, including the Chinese electronics retail giant Gome, for the illegal acquisition of 27 million shares in Sanlian Group’s Sanlian Commerce subsidiary and has asked the court to announce the purchase as invalid, as well as seeking CNY50 million compensation from these companies.