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Hong Kong Fights Phone Scams From Mainland China

Recent media reports in Hong Kong have highlighted fraudsters from China phoning and cajoling Hong Kong residents in parting with large sums of cash. So now the Hong Kong government is taking action. Hong Kong’s Office of the Communications Authority has now forced the territory’s telephone operators to insert a specific “+” sign in the […]

Are You Nuts?! China Will Classify Game Addiction As Mental Illness

China’s first Diagnostic Criterion of Internet Addiction has recently passed the expert appraisal stage and in the criterion, game addiction is formally defined as the diagnostic area of mental illness.

Tencent Launches IP Encryption To Upgrade QQ Privacy Protection

Tencent plans to introduce an IP encryption policy in its instant messaging software QQ to better protect the privacy and information security of its users.

Security Wars: China Establishes Alliance To Fight Phishing Websites

Formed by Chinese banks, securities institutions, e-commerce websites and domain name management and service organizations, the China Anti-phishing Website Alliance has been founded to fight phishing websites through better management of domain names and domain name servers.