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SFDA Exposes 30 Illegal Chinese Drug Selling Websites

China’s State Food and Drug Administration has published a bulletin in which it exposes 30 websites that have been allegedly selling fake medicines.
The 30 websites are reportedly,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, […]

Japanese Enterprises Will Open Online Stores In China

According to reports in Japanese local media, about 100 Japanese enterprises will open online stores in China in the next few months and sell their products via the Internet, aiming to realize sales of JPY4 billion in the first year of their operation. Cooperates With To Develop Online Drugstore, the online drugstore branch of Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical, has announced that the company reached an agreement with the third-party Internet payment platform to jointly develop a business in the online drugstore sector.

Guangcai Software Gains Additional Outside Support

NW Tech Capital is increasing its stake in the Zhuhai Jialun Guangcai Chain Drugstore Company by targeting the additional acquisition of proprietary enterprise software currently in use by over 2,000 pharmacies in China.