Chinese Consumer Sues Changhong For Small LCD Screen

By Editor
March 12, 2008

A Chinese consumer has brought Chinese television manufacturer Changhong to court, accusing the company of cheating consumers by offering an LCD screen that is smaller than advertised.

According to local media reports, the consumer surnamed Zhang said he bought a 32-inch LT3212 LCD Changhong TV in March 2007, but when he measured the screen of the television, he found that it was only 80 centimeters wide, which meant that it was 1.28 centimeters smaller than the 32 inches (81.28 centimeters) marked by Changhong. Zhang says that Changhong is cheating consumers with this smaller screen and has asked Changhong’s sales agent to accept the returned product and pay him CNY8580 in compensation.

Changhong’s representative has stated that all the 32-inch LCD screens are actually around 80 centimeters wide and this is the industry standard. The company says the difference in the size of LCD screens is caused by the difference in production moulds.

No result has yet been announced about the case.

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