Chinese Ministries Will Blacklist Online Transactions Of Banned Goods

By Editor
April 02, 2008

Seven Chinese ministries, including the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the Ministry of Commerce, have jointly issued a circular on strengthening the online transaction of goods banned by the government.

The seven ministries say they will set up a blacklist system for online transactions by placing those companies and individuals that are engaged in the trade of banned goods into a blacklist, which will then be sent to respective government agencies and departments for punishment.

An official from the Ministry of Commerce says that during the cleansing campaign, the ministry will coordinate with other departments to reinforce the regulation of online transactions and further define the basic rules and requirements as well as the rights and obligations of all the concerned parties. The ministry will also consider making an administrative rule when the conditions mature for online sales.

The circular states that a long-term mechanism will be established to regulate the online transaction of banned goods and each of the departments shall extend their rights in managing offline goods to the management of online goods.

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