China Will Build Unified Electronic Government Procurement Platform

By Editor
May 05, 2008

According to Beijing Times, China will build a national government procurement management electronic trade system to realize electronic management on the approval, trade procedures and contract registration related to government procurement.

Government procurement is an important part of expenditure management. China says it will set up the unified electronic platform to make its government procurement management system more complete and transparent.

Zhang Tong, assistant to the minister of China’s Ministry of Finance, says that China will continue to develop its government procurement supervision mechanism, and the finance, supervisory and audit sections of government ministries will all work closely to monitor the key procedures of government procurement and build a strict system for it.

The Chinese government has recently placed new emphasis on creating its own Web portals and Internet trading posts. Two weeks ago China’s Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Commerce unveiled, a B2C website built with private enterprises that will formally open in June 2008.

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