China’s Telecom Restructuring Plan Finally Announced

By Editor
May 26, 2008

The personnel adjustment regarding China’s telecom restructuring has been published with Wang Jianzhou appointed to work as president and CEO of China Mobile (CHL); Zhang Chunjiang as first vice president and party secretary of China Mobile; Wang Xiaochu as president and CEO of China Telecom (CHA); Shang Bing as party secretary of China Telecom; Chang Xiaobing as team leader for the preparatory team of the new China Unicom (CHU); and Zuo Xunsheng as deputy team leader of the preparatory team of the New China Unicom.

Meanwhile, Zhao Jibin, president of China Tietong; Li Zhengmao, vice president of China Unicom; and Zhao Xiaotie, vice president of China Unicom, will go to work at China Mobile. Yang Xiaowei, vice president of China Unicom, and Miao Jianhua, leader of the Discipline Inspection Team of China Unicom, will be transferred to work with China Telecom.

According to the restructuring plan, the existing six Chinese operators will be changed into the pattern of “3+1”, with China Unicom’s CDMA business incorporated into China Telecom to form a new China Telecom company, China Unicom’s GSM network included into China Netcom for forming a new China Unicom, China Tietong incorporated into China Mobile to form a new China Mobile company, and China Satcom will remain unchanged.

After the restructuring, China Mobile’s market competitiveness will probably be weakened and China Telecom will be the biggest winner in the market with a whole-service license.

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