To Develop Finance Area With

By Editor
August 14, 2008

Chinese Internet search engine (BIDU) has signed a strategic cooperative agreement with to develop Baidu’s finance area and offer a better comprehensive financial information service to its users.

According to the agreement, the finance area of will use a joint brand called Baidu-Hexun Finance Website, but the former domain names of Baidu’s finance area, including, and will remain unchanged. About 20 editing staff of Baidu’s finance area will be merged into Hexun’s human resource system and will invest more professional editing strength in the new website on the base of Baidu’s editing team. The core data retrieval system and news cluster system of the website will be managed by a technical team formed by top technicians both from and

Since 2007 when gained its first online Chinese news license, it started to offer a comprehensive information service which is distinguished by its “search + portal” model. The cooperation of and marks the coming of the large-scale operating stage for “search + portal” and it will open up a new situation for China’s finance information service field.

Ren Xuyang, vice president for market and business expansion of, told local media that as one of China’s largest and most professional finance information suppliers, has an editing team formed by 300 professional editors in the finance information sector. The company’s cooperation with will greatly raise the users overall experience when using to acquire finance information.

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