SVA Group Invests CNY17.455 Billion To Build TFT-LCD Line In Shanghai

By Editor
August 21, 2008

According to the latest released report on projects to be approved by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China, the sixth-generation TFT-LCD production line project of Shanghai SVA Group is undergoing approval and the project is expected to start construction in September 2008.

The ministry says that the total investment in this sixth-generation TFT-LCD production line project is CNY17.455 billion, of which CNY475 million will be used in environmental protection. The project will have an annual chemical oxygen demand of 438.93 tons and the total amount index will be checked by the total amount index of Shanghai Bailonggang Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Neighboring with the factory area of the fifth-generation line of SVA NEC, the new project will be located on a flat ground in Xinzhuang Industry Park, Minhang District, Shanghai. Upon the completion of this project, it will become a core base for the production of LCD panels in Shanghai.

Although the detailed start date is not mentioned, a representative from SVA Group says that it is expected to start construction in 2008. Apart from continued financing, the group is undergoing technical cooperation negotiation with foreign companies and NEC or Sharp may become its partner.

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