China Mobile Invests To Cover 28 Chinese Cities In TD-SCDMA

By Editor
August 26, 2008

According to local media, the 28 cities in China Mobile’s (CHL) TD-SCDMA second-stage construction have been decided and approximately CNY30 billion will be invested to construct the networks in these cities.

The 28 cities include 26 provincial capitals and municipalities along with two developed coastal cities, Ningbo and Dalian. Of these cities, the network constructions of Nanjing, Hangzhou and Changsha have already started. The TD-SCDMA network coverage of Nanjing will be the largest in the 28 cities with a total area of 439 square kilometers. The Nanjing project started two weeks ago.

At the same time, Changsha has completed parts of its base station constructions and some are even undergoing internal tests.

Although no official statistics about the investment scale are available, He Yanrun, an expert from the National Research Institute of Radio Spectrum Management of China, predicts that the total investment in China Mobile’s TD-SCDMA second-stage construction will be over CNY30 billion, of which CNY18.279 billion will be used for base stations, CNY2.611 billion will be used for core networks, CNY1.828 billion will be used for supporting network and CNY1.306 billion will be used for business network.

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