MIIT: Revenue Of Mobile Phone Rises While Fixed-line Declined In H1 2008

By TechSecurityChina.com Editor
September 03, 2008

According to statistics released by the Monitoring and Coordination Bureau of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, from January to July 2008, the revenue of China’s mobile communications industry and data communications industry increased by 16.2% and 40.4%, respectively, over last year while the fixed-line business decreased by 6.8%.

By number of users, by the end of July 2008, China’s mobile phone users reached over 600 million, of which 61.07 million were new users who increased over the first seven months of 2008. The average monthly increase of 8.7 million in mobile phone users was the highest in China’s mobile phone development history.

In contrast, the number of fixed-line users continued to decline in the first seven months of 2008. By the end of July, there were 355 million fixed-line users in China. The fixed-line industry of China lost 10.581 million customers from January to July 2008, an average monthly decrease of 1.35 million.

A representative from the Monitoring and Coordination Bureau says that mobile phone business has obvious advantages. On one hand, mobile phones have natural advantages such as convenience and efficiency. On the other hand, favorable charging policies like one-way charges bring greater competitive strength to mobile phones. In addition, the commercial trial of 3G mobile phones and the launch of new services, including mobile phone newspapers and mobile phone TVs, have attracted more people to use mobile phones in China.

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