Oak Pacific Opens Kaixin.com In China

By TechSecurityChina.com Editor
January 14, 2009

The Chinese Web 2.0 company Oak Pacific Interactive has announced the opening of its social networking site Kaixin.com to developers.

The open platform of Kaixin.com will allow the third-party developers to place brand advertisements within the site’s services and Kaixin.com will not participate in the profit-sharing of the advertising income of these developers.

A representative from the Oak Pacific Interactive told local media that the company has decided to develop Kaixin.com into a fully opened entertainment platform, which will adopt the same open platform rules as Xiaonei.com, but the website will launch a new payment system which is different from that of Xiaonei.com.

Xiaonei.com, another SNS website owned by Oak Pacific Interactive, launched the open platform on July 8, 2008. According to Xu Chaojun, vice president for China InterActive Corp and the person in charge of Xiaonei.com, the open platform of Xiaonei.com is like the API of Facebook and the Open Social of Google, which implements full open programming interface, protocol and structure.

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