Suning Eyes At Least 10 New Stores In Hunan This Year

By Editor
January 21, 2009

Jiang Yong, vice president for Suning Appliance, said at a meeting held in Changsha, Hunan, that the company would maintain a rapid and stable growth in 2009 by opening at least 200 new electronics retail stores across China, of which at least 10 would be located in Hunan province.

By then, the total number of Suning’s electronics retail stores in China will number over 1,000. As the capital of Hunan, Changsha has been the development focus of Suning. In addition, Suning will enter several new cities, such as Loudi, Yiyang, and Liuyang, increasing the number of its stores in Hunan to over 30.

At present, Suning has one area distribution center, two regional distribution centers, and five city distribution points in the province. Its distribution network covers the entire province. In addition to its current distribution capacity, Suning will build two city distribution points in its newly entered cities as well as promoting its self-constructed distribution base in Changsha.

For backup service construction, Suning will further accelerate the construction of its after-sales service network by adding more than 140 service points to a total number of 260 service points.

For customer service, in addition to the support of the headquarters’ call center, Suning will enhance the network structure of its greater area customer service center in central China, regional customer service departments, and city customer service commissioners to improve its service quality.

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