China’s Telecom Operators See User Declines In December 2008

By Editor
January 22, 2009

All of the three major Chinese telecommunications operators have published their operating statistics for December 2008, of which, China Mobile was still the largest winner with a stable growth in user number, while rivals China Unicom and China Telecom saw serious declines in their respective fixed network businesses.

China Unicom said that in December 2008, the number of its GSM users increased 424,000, the number of fixed line users decreased 4.87 million and that of broadband users decreased 22,000, which was not expected. By the end of 2008, the accumulated number of China Unicom’s mobile phone users reached 133.37 million, the number of fixed line users was 100.15 million, and the number of broadband users was 25.41 million.

China Telecom’s operating statistics for December 2008 showed that the number of its local phone users decreased 2.02 million in the month and the number saw a net decrease of 11.98 million to 208 million over the past year; the number of its broadband users increased 700,000 in December and a total increase of 8.62 million to about 44.27 million over the past year; and the number of CDMA users decreased 60,000 to 27.91 million in the month.

China Mobile’s operating statistics showed that the number of its mobile phone users increased 7.071 million in December 2008, which was a little bit more than the 6.87 million increase in November. By the end of December, the total number of its users reached 457 million. In the year of 2008, the accumulated number of its customers increased 87.911 million with an average monthly net increase of 7.326 million.

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