Making Kaka: China’s Rising Launches English Edition Of Security Software

By Editor
April 10, 2009

Chinese security company Rising has started a new overseas expansion plan and has launched the English edition of its Kaka Internet assistant which has been formally renamed Rising PC Doctor for overseas markets.

Rising PC Doctor is an anti-virus and anti-spyware security assistant. It combines many functions, including scanning and patching of vulnerabilities, system rehabilitation, and security management. The Chinese edition of this product has 80 million users in China, and the name change from a Chinese word that connotes excrement in some Western minds to a more streamlined name of “PC Doctor” is an apt adjustment.

Provided to users for free, the Rising PC Doctor is currently available on Rising’s worldwide website. Rising started to launch free anti-virus software across the world in September 2008. Over the past half year, it has accumulated over 10 million users of the free English edition. Facing the new market situation caused by the global financial crisis, Rising has adjusted its market strategy and continues to promote its free products to enlarge its worldwide user group and improve its reputation.

Ma Gang, the person responsible for Rising’s global marketing ventures, hopes that by promoting the free software products and enhancing cooperation with the world’s leading download service websites and Internet marketing partners, Rising aims to increase the number of its overseas users to 30 million within one year. Ma says the free software from Rising will not only save money for European and American users, but also will help them reduce threats brought by viruses and malware.

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