Four Chinese Video Companies Punished For Providing Vulgar Content

By Editor
May 11, 2009

China’s General Administration of Press and Publication has published a list of four video companies that have been punished for providing vulgar Internet content.

The four companies are said to be Guangdong Shantou Haiyang Audio-Visual Publishing House, Jiangxi Culture Audio-Visual Publishing House, Beijing Wenlu Laser Technology Company and Guangdong Jintu Audio and Video Company. Among them, GSHAVPH was said to have sold nine kinds of vulgar videos and earned CNY13650 in illegal income and sold disks on sex education for an illegal income of CNY7500. JXCAVPH sold 52 kinds of vulgar videos between 2005 and 2007 and gained CNY98500 of illegal income. BWLTC illegally produced many vulgar videos, while GJAVC and JXCAVPH jointly published a total of 24 kinds of vulgar disks since December 2006.

Jiang Jianguo, deputy team leader of the Working Committee of Office of the National Campaign on Anti-prostitution and Anti-delinquency and deputy director of GAPP, told local Chinese media this is the first list ever published since the special campaign against vulgar audio and video products was launched and those serious violators have been handed over to the police departments for undisclosed punishments.

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