Stopping Internet Fraud: Wuhan Promotes Online Chinese Travel Insurance

By Editor
June 18, 2009

The travel agency branch of Wuhan Tourism Association has issued a notice jointly with People’s Insurance Company of China and Ping An Insurance Company of China for travel agencies in Wuhan to adopt a unified online insurance system.

According to local media, more than 200 travel agencies will install the online insurance system, enabling agencies to operate travel insurance services online. Travel agencies, the policy holder and the insurance company can all query whether the insurance policy is legitimate.

Currently tourists can usually only buy travel accident insurance through a travel agency. The travel agency would fax the list to an insurance company and the insurance company would send it back after being approved. In this case, tourists are not clear whether it is successful or not, or even if the policy is truly active. The new online insurance system is hoped to end sales of fraudulent insurance policies in China.

Earlier this year, a traveler surnamed Liang sued Chinese Internet travel website because the company allegedly sold Liang fake travel insurance policies. apologized to Liang for selling him fake insurance policies and agreed to pay him CNY4,000 in compensation.

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