GAPP Issues Warning To 27 Computer Games Providers For Vulgar Content In China

By Editor
September 01, 2009

The General Administration of Press and Publication of China has blacklisted 71 types of computer games and issued warnings to 27 game operators during its campaign against vulgar online content.

According to a representative from GAPP, 45 foreign games that have not undergone any approval procedure have been closed, 26 computer games have been checked and treated for bad content; and 27 computer game operators including have been issued a warning and asked to correct their games within given deadlines.

The person stated that the online computer games industry is growing rapidly in China and a batch of originally created games have won favor among the players. However some game operators provide illegal games to make a profit and this has caused a bad social influence.

GAPP will strengthen the supervision of online games in five areas: improving relevant rules and regulations; fully implementing approval and supervision procedures for computer games before the end of this year; further improving approval and management system for foreign games; carrying out a registration system for domestically-made games; and adopting a dynamic supervision process on computer games that have been approved or registered.

Finally, GAPP stressed that computer game operators should conclude lessons, strengthen self-discipline among them and work hard to be good corporate citizens.

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