China’s Internet Cafe Associations Publish Joint Declaration

By Editor
September 11, 2009

China’s Internet cafe industry associations in 30 provinces and cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shaanxi, Dalian, Xiamen, and Guangzhou, have jointly published a self-discipline declaration on “Internet cafe industry purification”.

With the aim of assisting the government’s crackdown on illegal Internet cafes and promoting the healthy development of the Internet cafe industry in China, these associations announced in the declaration that they will voluntarily purify the Chinese Internet cafe market, stimulate the civilized operation of Internet cafes, prevent young people from abusing Internet cafes, improve the environment of Internet cafes, eliminate potential security risks, and protect the legitimate rights of Chinese consumers.

In addition, these associations stated they will resist vulgar Internet content, eliminate harmful information from the Internet, and protect intellectual property rights and copyrights in Internet cafes to create a good Internet environment. They will also self-discipline themselves and encourage fair competition.

The association signed the agreement in Xi’an, capital of Shaanxi, this week.

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