Initiates Chinese Alliance Against Video Websites

By Editor
September 17, 2009

Initiated by,, and Union Voole Technology Company, a new anti-piracy alliance that is co-founded by 110 Chinese Internet video copyright owners has been launched in Beijing.

This new anti-piracy alliance released ten slogans that call for Internet video websites’ prevention of the spread of unauthorized video works. The websites are encouraged to block the uploading of unauthorized videos. The alliance also hopes that advertisers and advertising enterprises can improve their awareness of copyrights and not place advertisements on websites that are involved in infringements. In addition, the alliance calls for stricter punishments for infringing activities in the Internet video sector.

At its launch ceremony, the alliance announced that it has started lawsuits against major Chinese video websites, including and, for their illegal broadcasts of over 1,000 movies and TV series. The major part of this safeguarding action is a lawsuit against A lawyer from the alliance told local media that during the next year, the alliance will ask for compensations of between CNY50 million and CNY100 million from, according to the market prices of the movies and TV series provides on its website.

At the same time, the indictment shows that companies such as Pepsi and the Minute Maid brand of Coca-Cola, are also on the list of defendants for placing advertisements of

In response to the news, a representative from said that according to the law of China, advertisers will not bear legal liabilities for video copyright problems. Meanwhile, the alliance’s accusation hurts’s reputation and the company reserves its own right to take action against this.

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