Crackdown Continues: China Exposes Providers Of Vulgar Internet Content

By Editor
December 02, 2009

Just days after China Mobile slammed shut the ability for wireless value-added service providers to gain revenue from their mobile services, specific Chinese technology companies have been named in the crackdown to rid China of mobile and Web-based pornography.

According to Legal Daily, China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center has exposed ten Internet service providers that allow pornographic information to spread online. The ten internet service providers are Shanghai Telecom Science & Technology Development Company Ltd.; Shanghai Wangyu Network Technology Company Ltd.; Anhui Yanhuang Network Technology Company Ltd.; Zhejiang Liantong; Shanghai Cao He Jing Lian Tong; Jiangxi Tietong; Guangdong Maoming Qunying Network Company Ltd.; Jiangsu Changzhou Wanglong Network Technology Company Ltd.; Nanchang Haoku Science and Technology Company Ltd.; and Shanghai Suxing Telecom Company Ltd.

The Center’s report stated that all these companies are negligent in managing their respective websites or services in which they provide users with online accessibility. This, in turn, has led to the circulation of a large quantity of pornographic and vulgar content online.

Chinese telecom operator China Mobile announced two days ago that it suspended all of its WAP service partners’ ability to charge for services as of November 30, 2009. This applies to all of its WAP wireless value-added service partners in China, regardless of a partner’s propensity to disseminate pornography. China Mobile will now implement an overall examination, with the aim of eradicating pornographic websites from its network.

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