SARFT: Over 530 BitTorrent Websites Shut In China

By Editor
December 11, 2009

Rectification of Internet audio-visual services in China has been raised to a new level and more than 530 Internet video service providers in China, including well-known BitTorrent-based download service providers like, have been shut down for “irregular operations”.

According to Cao Yunxia, a representative from the Internet audio-visual program management department of the State Administration of Radio Film and Television, illegal audio-visual service websites have brought great harm to the media industry and the administration will continue to seek and destroy illegal Internet audio-visual program providers.

Cao said the SARFT started to fight websites with a large number of pirated and pornographic programs from 2007 and many government units have launched a series of regulations to enhance the supervision over Internet audio-visual services during recent years. However, many websites continue to spread pirated programs despite the repeated prohibitions, seriously affecting the development of the entire industry. To handle these problems, the administration will first implement licensing management to require all Internet audio-visual service providers to gain a license before starting operation. It will also promote the self-discipline of the industry to provide healthy programs and fight piracy.

BitTorrent is a popular transmission protocol on the Internet. Video websites provide the download services of movie and TV series by publishing “seeds” and users only need to install the free BT software and find the “seeds” to download the programs. During recent years, BT websites have become important channels for the spread of infringing and pirated audio-visual products.

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