ISC Publishes Proposal On Running Civilized Chinese Websites

By Editor
December 16, 2009

The Internet Society of China has published a proposal calling on Internet service providers and users alike to take actions against vulgar and pornographic online information.

ISC has raised five suggestions, which include abiding by relevant rules and regulations to promote the building of civilized network and provide good online environment for teenagers with advanced online cultural products and services; taking technical measures to restrain the spreading of vulgar and pornographic content via the Internet; not making, publishing or transmitting unhealthy content; voluntarily fulfilling the self-discipline compact of the Internet industry and being willing to accept the public’s supervision; and focusing on having Internet users use the Internet services in a civilized manner and voluntarily restricting vulgar content.

Huang Chengqing, deputy director of ISC, said that ISC would offer support to the special campaign conducted by the nine Chinese government ministries against vulgar content spread via mobile phones and the Internet. Huang also announced the data regarding Internet users’ reports of bad information and spam messages, which shows that to date ISC has received 79962 reports, of which 88% were made on online pornographic information.

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