Sexting: Mobile Phone Numbers In Shanghai Can Be Terminated

By Editor
January 19, 2010

To coordinate with the special campaign jointly launched by China’s nine government departments to fight Internet and mobile phone pornography, China Mobile Shanghai branch has implemented several powerful measures in which mobile phone numbers can be terminated if users are found sexting each other.

Sexting refers to sending sexually explicit messages or photos between mobile phones via text messages. A representative from China Mobile Shanghai told local media that the company will first filter the mobile phone messages in accordance to the keywords provided by the public security department. The standards for defining pornographic messages will follow the 13 technical standards previously issued by the government departments.

Once problems are detected, China Mobile Shanghai will suspend the short message service of the mobile phone numbers involved; and if the users have objections to the process, they can go to the public security department for further identification of the messages.

The representative stated that if the public security department decides the messages do not belong to the pornographic messages category, the users can recover their short message service with proof provided by the public security department; otherwise, the mobile phone numbers involved will be terminated.

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