Chinese Telecom Operators Deny Termination Plan For Mobile Phone Numbers

By Editor
January 21, 2010

In response to previous media reports that Chinese telecom operators will terminate mobile phone numbers involved in sending pornographic shorts messages, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom all said it is not entirely true.

Instead of being solely responsible for monitoring and terminating the mobile phone numbers, the telecommunications companies will instead suspend the short message services of these numbers only at the request of the public security department.

Prior to this, Chinese media reported that to coordinate with the special campaign jointly launched by China’s nine government departments to fight Internet and mobile phone pornography, Chinese telecom operators will suspend the short message service of mobile phone numbers involved, and even terminate these numbers for serious cases.

However, China’s three major telecom operators, including China Mobile’s Beijing and Shanghai branches, all said now that they will not terminate mobile phone numbers and will only suspend mobile phones that send sexually explicit messages or photos if the local public security department asks for the suspension.

China Unicom Beijing said its system will temporarily close the short message service of users if they are found sending pornographic messages. China Telecom also revealed that it will launch a special campaign against pornographic messages in accordance to the requirements of the government, but will not unilaterally take measures such as terminating mobile phone numbers.

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