China’s 360 Launches First Trojan Firewall Product

By Editor
May 26, 2010

Chinese security software provider 360 has announced that it has launched a new trojan firewall product, which can block various trojans with the advance detection and cloud identification technologies.

Qi Xiangdong, president of 360, told local media that traditional security software focuses more on elimination than prevention and users usually try to eliminate trojans after their computers are infected. Though the trojans can be removed, the damages may be too great to have full recovery available for the computer. Unlike the traditional products, 360’s new trojan firewall combines both elimination and prevention while focusing on the latter. Its advance detection and cloud identification technologies can block trojans and wipe out the trojans before they can steal the accounts of users.

Tests conducted by 360 reportedly show that the effect of the new trojan firewall is ten times better than the traditional anti-virus software and its ability can be improved with the increase use or heuristic data. By updating the 360 Safeguard product to the 7.1 official edition, users can gain the protection of the trojan firewall automatically.

An investigation report on the Chinese network information security jointly launched by China Internet Network Information Center and National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team/Coordination Center of China stated that, in 2009, the losses of Chinese netizens caused by trojans were up to CNY15.3 billion.

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