New Free Anti-virus Software Launched In China

By Editor
June 02, 2010

Fu Sheng, former general manager of the Chinese security software provider 360 and CEO of the emerging Internet company, has announced the launch of Keniu’s first free-of-charge anti-virus product.

According to the official website of, the newly-launched software integrates the world’s leading anti-virus engines and the self-developed cloud engine to realize complete elimination of traditional viruses. It also has the innovative dual-software protection mode to be compatible with other anti-virus software products, so as to provide options to users.

Keniu’s anti-virus software has functions such as virus scanning, real-time protection, and tools for the elimination of specific viruses.

Fu said he is very confident in the product and believed it is the fastest and most complete anti-virus software in the market. Commenting on the severe competition in the Chinese anti-virus software market, Fu said there are many problems in the current security software sector in China. However, the demand of users is large and the market still has great development space.

So far, Keniu has a team of 60 people working for the anti-virus software and Fu is reportedly financing the software development.

Founded in August 2008, is a Beijing-based new Internet company, focusing on applications for image handling as well as anti-virus software. Its online services and downloaded client software can help users edit, manage, and browse pictures.

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