China Provides Regulation Base For Radio Control

By Editor
September 08, 2010

China’s State Council and Central Military Commission have jointly published “Regulations for Radio Control”, stating that starting from November 1, 2010, China can implement nationwide, cross-province, cross-autonomous-region, or cross-municipality radio control, for the sake of the security of the country.

Under the regulations, on the requirements of maintaining national security, safeguarding major national tasks, and handling major emergencies, China can implement radio control over wireless devices such as mobile phones.

The organs in charge of the radio control should publish a radio control command ten days before the implementation of the radio control and provide clear details about the regions, objects, starting times, ending times, and frequency range of the radio control, as well as other related requests. However, immediate radio control is also allowed to deal with emergency conditions.

The regulations also say that nationwide, cross-province, cross-autonomous-region, and cross-municipality radio control should be decided by the State Council and Central Military Commission; while radio control within one province, autonomous region, and municipality should be decided by the provincial government and related military area, and they should report to the State Council and Central Military Commission.

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