China Releases Self-made Operating System

By Editor
January 20, 2014

Shanghai Liantong and the Institute of Software at the Chinese Academy of Sciences have jointly released China Operating System, an operating system with built-in intellectual property rights, in Beijing.

This Chinese-made operating system can reportedly be applied to PCs, smart palm devices, set-top boxes, and smart TVs. To solve security issues, the parties claim the China Operating System is not an open source system.

For the user interface, China Operating System has native applications as well as HTML5 applications. Meanwhile, it can load a virtual machine to run JAVA applications. For device support, China Operating System allows the seamless expansion between handhold devices and family and business devices.

So far, China Operating System can support over 100,000 applications. There is no word yet on which, if any, computer device makers will deploy this operating system ready-made in their electronics.

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