Who Says Foreign Tech Companies Can’t Grow In China?

By TechSecurityChina.com Editor
March 13, 2014

EMC claims its China business has grown for many years, while other foreign firms and Internet heavyweights like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube can’t even step foot in China.

Ye Chenghui, president of EMC Greater China, said that EMC China’s growth in the past year was beyond expectations and the company has realized growth over eight consecutive years. Ye said during the 2014 media communications conference held by EMC China that EMC continued to grow in China while its major competitors suffered performance declines in this marketplace.

Though Ye did not reveal their detailed performance statistics, he quoted a report published by IDC by saying that over the past eight years, EMC achieved an operating revenue compound growth rate of 26%, and the company ranked the first in the Chinese storage market in 2013.

According to Ye, EMC’s continuous performance increase was contributed by the fast growth of its channel partners as well as its close cooperation with local OEM companies in China. By the end of 2013, EMC has developed 4,400 channel partners in China and the company plans to open more branches in second- and third-tier cities in 2014.

Ye added that with the fast development of cloud computing and big data industries, the enterprise storage market growth will recover this year. Most Chinese enterprises will establish their private cloud data centers, which will stimulate the growth of the Chinese enterprise storage market.

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