Chinese Government Will Invest CNY20 Billion To Promote IPv6

By Editor
April 30, 2014

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China says it will continue to promote the Internet sector’s adoption of IPv6 with an investment of over CNY20 billion.

Chen Jiachun, deputy director of the Communications Development Department of MIIT, said during the Global IPv6 and Next-Generation Internet Summit that MIIT will coordinate with related government departments to promote the network and website transformation process and promote the construction of next-generation Internet demonstration cities. Taking 4G LTE development as an opportunity to do this, they will open up the supply chain to accelerate the commercial use of IPv6 on the mobile Internet.

According to Chen, they are facing problems in end-user transformation and website applications, which require a large number of software and hardware facility procurement and upgrade as well as long transformation period. In addition, IPv6 business strategy and business models are still unclear, which brings large pressure to network transformation projects. With the encouragement of MIIT, over 200 metropolitan area networks in China will be transformed over the next three years.

Zhao Huiling, director of the cloud computing center of China Telecom, said that the transformation from IPv4 to IPv6 involves multiple levels of government coordinating, and the existing network elements on the various levels are huge. The upgrade and transformation of the entire network will cost over CNY20 billion.

Chinese carriers already claimed to have implemented full deployment in the IPv6 sector. China Telecom is actively moving its base businesses, including online gaming base, music base, and video base, to IPv6. The group’s official website has completed IPv6 transformation.

China Mobile provides both IPv4 and IPv6 LTE access to terminal users. In addition, China Mobile cooperated with various manufacturers, including Qualcomm, HiSilicon, Vimicro, and Leadcore, in the launch of over ten LTE chips which support IPv6.

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