Tencent Announces Structural Adjustment Aimed At Animation And Film

By TechSecurityChina.com Editor
March 29, 2015

Tencent Interactive Entertainment Group will establish a new animation business unit and a film and copyright business unit to enable the independent operations of those businesses.

The new animation business unit will be responsible for development and operation of animation-related content, including planning, development and operation of animation products; creating and operation of animation content; front-end and back-end development and design of animation products, copyright expansion; and commercial operation.

The new movie and copyright business unit will be responsible for authorization and pan-entertainment businesses, including enriching authorization business models and expanding contents and influence of interactive entertainment products; formulating IP introduction standards and management processes; implementing cross-platform business cooperation for owned IP; investing in movies, TV shows, and plays of Tencent’s owned IP; and maximizing industrial value.

Tencent Interactive Entertainment Group previously adjusted its structure in 2014 and further separated its development studios. Its former eight studios were separated and merged into four studio clusters, which were led by Yao Xiaoguang, Chen Yu, Xia Lin, and Sun Hongyu, respectively. Those four studio clusters cover 20 studios in total.

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