Which Chinese Telecom Continues To Dominate The Mobile Market?

By TechSecurityChina.com Editor
June 30, 2015

China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom all published their operating statistics for May 2015 and China Mobile, who has over 800 million mobile users, continues to lead the Chinese telecom market.

Statistics showed that China Mobile gained 373,000 new users in May 2015 and its user group reached 816.335 million. Of those, the number of 4G users saw a net increase of 17.188 million and the total number of 4G users reached over 170 million. At the same time, its 3G users continued to decrease and saw a net decrease of 6.566 million in May.

China Telecom reported that its mobile users saw a net increase of 910,000 in May to a total of 190.68 million. Of those, 3G and 4G users increased by 2.01 million to a total of 129.18 million. Meanwhile, China Telecom’s fixed-line phone users decreased by 620,000 to 139.94 million; while its broadband users increased by 400,000 to 109.18 million.

For China Unicom, its total user number was 290.306 million by May 2015, representing a decrease of 1.913 million compared with the previous month. Prior to this, China Unicom lost 2.532 million users in March and lost 1.609 million in April. In addition, the company said its 3G and 4G user group reached 152.787 million, accounting for 73% of its total users.

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