Illegal Activities Push 360 Cloud Disk To Stop Services In China

By Editor
October 27, 2016

360 Cloud Disk published a notice on its official website stating that they will stop providing cloud disk services to individual users from November 1, 2016.

360 Cloud Disk explained in the notice that some criminals used 360 Cloud Disk to store and spread illegal documents, pirated contents or pornographic information which seriously harmed the lawful rights and interests of copyright owners and "brought huge harm to the society".

However, 360 Cloud Disk did not state they will "permanently terminate" the services in the notice and they said they will not consider recovering the services until the legal and security problems of contents stored and transmitted on Internet disks are fully solved.

The notice also said they will refund all paid users. Apart from shutting down upload functions from November 1, the company will delete all user data and close all cloud disk accounts on February 1, 2017 and they hope users can download and backup their data before that date.

The company will shift its focus to enterprise cloud services and those business-friendly services will not be affected by the shutdown.

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