China’s Huawei Joins Hyperledger Blockchain Project

By Editor
November 01, 2016

Linux Foundation-led Hyperledger blockchain project announced the addition of ten new members, including Chinese telecom device maker Huawei.

Other new members include Hundsun Technologies, Hyperchain Technologies, Murphy & McGonigle, National Stock Exchange of India, Nokia, theLOOP Inc, and the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation. So far, Hyperledger has 95 members.

In the latest statement, Hyperledger welcomed the joining of the ten new members and four of them are from China. The Hyperledger blockchain project aims to develop open source blockchain solutions for enterprises.

Brian Behlendorf, chief executive officer in charge of the project, said that they are glad to see the growth of the Hyperledger team. He emphasized the potential of blockchain solutions for enterprises and believes the application of blockchain technologies in enterprises will change the ways of business and bring profound influence to all industries. Behlendorf also said that the joining of new members is crucial for the development of Hyperledger. In the future, they will promote Hyperledger's open source solutions from more sectors.

Hyperledger was initiated by Linux Foundation in 2015 and it aims to promote blockchain digital technology and trade verification open source projects. With the joint collaboration between members, they intend to build an open platform, meet the demands of users in various industries, and simplify business processes.

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