DJI Offers USD30,000 Bug Bounty For App Vulnerabilities

By Editor
September 11, 2017

Chinese drone maker DJI is looking for security loopholes in their flight control software and programmers who find the loopholes could gain a bug bounty up to USD30,000, which is about CNY194,000.

A programmer recently found that DJI's mobile application can bypass the review of Apple and Google via a hot patch. Commenting on this, DJI's spokesperson Adam Lisberg said they have updated the application and removed the errant code. He also said that they are inspecting all code to check if there is anything else they are not aware of.

DJI will reportedly offer a bug bounty up to USD30,000. In addition, the company plans to launch a new function this month, which allows users to disconnect their smartphones or tablets from the Internet while flying drones to ensure that the data will not be sent out to third parties or be capable of in-flight main-in-the-middle attacks.

Many technology companies, such as Facebook and Uber, provide similar bug bounty awards. In 2016, an Indian security researcher found a serious security loophole on Facebook and reported to the company. After confirming the loophole, Facebook offered USD15,000 to him.

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