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Chinese Smartphone Foes Head For America

USA phoneSecond-tier American mobile carrier US Mobile announced plans to introduce rival Xiaomi and Meizu smartphones into America. US Mobile is …

Which Chinese Telecom Continues To Dominate The Mobile Market?

China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom all published their operating statistics for May 2015 and China Mobile, who has over 800 million mobile users, continues to lead the Chinese telecom market. Statistics showed that China Mobile gained 373,000 new users in May 2015 and its user group reached 816.335 million. Of those, the number […]

ZTE Expands China’s Wireless Technology Presence To Eastern Europe

China’s ZTE Corporation has signed a contract with Slovak operator SWAN for a nationwide LTE network project. ZTE will exclusively construct a core CS/PS network, and a GSM/LTE mobile communications and value added services network, involving over 1,100 dual-mode GSM/LTE base stations to SWAN. Financial terms of the deal were not released. SWAN was granted […]

Taiwan Mobile Internet Users Reached 9.87 Million In H1 2014

During the first half of 2014, the number of adults using the mobile Internet in Taiwan reached 9.87 million. The Taiwan Network Information Center published a report on the broadband network usage in Taiwan in 2014, which said that over the past three years, Taiwan’s Internet growth rate maintained a rate of over 70% and […]

Lenovo Succumbs To Patent Troll In USD100 Million Deal

Unwired Planet, a technology company headquartered in Reno, Nevada, announced that China’s Lenovo has agreed to buy a series of patent portfolios and licenses for an intellectual property portfolio from Unwired Planet for about USD100 million. The payment will be made entirely in cash. Under the agreement, Lenovo will purchase a 21 patent portfolio owned […]

China’s National Development And Reform Commission Urges End To Broadband Oligopoly

Recent machinations in China suggest the Chinese telecommunications companies may be near the end of monopolizing their sector. Xu Kunlin, director of the bureau of price supervision and anti-monopoly at the National Development and Reform Commission, revealed to local media that the commission has been urging China Telecom and China Unicom to continue to rectify […]

Huawei’s Wireless Network Business May Be Affected In America

Cai Mengbo, marketing vice president of Huawei wireless network, revealed to Chinese local media that Huawei’s wireless network business may not see growth in the American market in 2013. However, Cai said in other marketplaces, Huawei’s wireless network business will continue to increase. In China, the company will seek business opportunities since the mobile network […]

China’s ZTE Signs Wireless Patent Settlement Agreement With Ericsson

Chinese telecom equipment maker ZTE Corporation has signed an official settlement agreement with Telefon AB L.M. Ericsson in which the two parties have reportedly withdrawn all patent infringement lawsuits against each other. According to the agreement, the two companies dropped all ongoing and pending patent infringement litigation against each other in Germany, the United Kingdom, […]

China Telecom Publishes Cloud Computing Strategy For 2012

Chinese telecom operator China Telecom has announced its eSurfing cloud computing strategy, brand, and solution, and it plans to launch eSurfing cloud devices and cloud storage products in 2012. China Telecom established a cloud computing project team in 2009 and the company has completed tests in Shanghai, Guangdong, Guangxi, and Jiangxi. According to Yang Jie, […]

China Telecom Beijing Launches IDC Service Platform For 3G Apps

China Telecom Beijing branch has announced the launch of a new Internet Data Center service platform with 3G applications to realize sending of contents, including IDC operating statistics, video monitoring information, and server security information to mobile phones of corporate users.
During the launch of the new platform, China Telecom Beijing introduced its IDC services which […]