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Chinese PE Firm Buys American Mobile Ad Company

children using mobile phoneForeign mobile advertising companies are prohibited from gaining an operating license in China, so it makes sense for a foreign …

Cheetah Mobile Operating Revenue Up 9.7% In Q3 2016

Cheetah MobileCheetah Mobile’s financial report for the third quarter of 2016 financial year shows that its total operating revenue reached CNY1.128 …

What Twitter Can And Can’t Do In Hong Kong As It Views China

Hong Kong’s geographic proximity to mainland China belies the gulf in business practices, Internet laws, and access that Twitter will find between the refined transparency of Hong Kong and the nuances and perils of the mainland Chinese Internet sector. Twitter announced plans this week to open an office in Hong Kong. Though the company says […]

Google Launches Advertising Trading Platform In China

Google has formally launched the advertising trading platform DoubleClick Ad Exchange in China, aiming to help Chinese advertising networks, agencies and Internet publishers to realize real-time trading of Internet display advertising. For buyers like advertising networks and agencies, it provides advertising resources and sends the advertisements to the right audience via real-time auctions, so as […]

China’s Qihoo 360 Pushes Software Profit Higher

Chinese Internet security company Qihoo 360 has published its financial results for the fourth quarter ended December 31, 2011, and the unaudited results for the entire year. According to the report, Qihoo 360’s operating revenue in the fourth quarter of 2011 was USD62.3 million and its net profit reached USD15 million. For the entire year […]

Shareholder Disputes Settled For Chinese Media Firm

Chinese multi-platform media company SearchMedia Holdings Limited says it has reached settlement agreements for the arbitration between the company and certain of its predecessor shareholders. The arbitration was filed between SearchMedia Holdings Limited versus two groups composed first of settling defendants China Seed Ventures, LP; Qinying Liu; Deutsche Bank AG Hong Kong Branch; and Le […] Will Halt Search Engine Advertising With

Li Guoqing, joint president of the Chinese Internet shopping website, has announced that the company will stop putting advertisements on search engine from April 2011 due to the recent accusation that is involved in literature and music piracy. Over 50 Chinese writers and publishers claimed around March 15, the World Consumer Rights […]

China Initiates Campaign Against Illegal Mobile Websites

A new campaign is underway in China to rid the country of mobile-optimized websites that spread pornography and false information.
China’s Ministry of Public Security started the campaign on September 23, 2009, and the one-month campaign will target illegal mobile phone websites.
The campaign will focus on three areas: cleaning out illegal mobile phone websites, which […] Initiates Chinese Alliance Against Video Websites

Initiated by,, and Union Voole Technology Company, a new anti-piracy alliance that is co-founded by 110 Chinese Internet video copyright owners has been launched in Beijing.
This new anti-piracy alliance released ten slogans that call for Internet video websites’ prevention of the spread of unauthorized video works. The websites are encouraged to block the […]

China Unicom Qingdao Punished For Website Traffic Hijacking

According to decisions recently announced by Qingdao Intermediate People’s Court, China Unicom Qingdao and Tsingtao Osun Network Technique Company were punished for hijacking traffic from other commercial websites.
This is the first time that a telecom operator has been punished for website traffic hijacking in China.
Reports in local media state that starting from February 2009, China […]