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Internet Retailers Publish Honesty Declaration In China

More than 1,000 suppliers, publishers, and Internet retailers, including, Microsoft, Aigo, Wyeth, Lock & Lock, Commercial Press, and the People’s Literature Publishing House, have jointly published an “Internet Retailing Honesty Declaration” in China. Under the declaration, and its suppliers promise that following the basic principles of integrity, security, and responsibility, they will provide […]

New CDMA Phones Slated For China Telecom’s Tianyi Service

China TechFaith Wireless Communication Technology Limited (CNTF) has announced the launch of two new CDMA mobile phones, aigo 600C and aigo 800C, for China Telecom’s (CHA) new CDMA service brand called Tianyi.

Aigo Launches First MP6 Product

Feng Jun, president of Aigo, announced at the P&T/Expo Comm China 2008 that by cooperating with China Unicom and’s music channel, the company has launched the world’s first MP6 product.