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Microsoft, HP, Samsung Sign Anti-piracy Agreement For Chinese Market

Microsoft has signed an anti-piracy agreement with HP and Samsung to ensure the installation of genuine Windows and Office software on their PCs sold in the Chinese market. Microsoft previously announced this agreement when the company launched its latest anti-piracy campaign in Nanjing, Jiangsu province. According to the agreement, HP and Samsung will ask their […]

Kingsoft Establishes New Chinese Network Cloud Security Subsidiary

Chinese software provider Kingsoft Network unveiled its new private cloud security system, which belongs to its newly established subsidiary Kingsoft Security System Company. The establishment of this new subsidiary shows that Kingsoft is accelerating its transformation from a traditional anti-virus software provider to a cloud security solutions provider focused on the enterprise market. Kingsoft Security […]

Microsoft Cancels Packaged Windows 8 For Chinese Market

Microsoft announced its new product sales strategy in the Chinese market to only provide the electronic online version and OEM pre-installed versions of Windows 8, cutting the sales of packaged operating system sales. In the past, Microsoft normally sold its operating system products in three ways, including the packaged version, OEM pre-installed version, and online […]

Microsoft China Sues Ten Dealers For Pirated Software Installations

Microsoft China has announced that it has sued ten Chinese computer dealers for pre-installation of pirated Microsoft software on sold PCs. The ten dealers are Beijing Yuntong Shidai Technology Trade Company; Beijing Yuchen Shimei Technology Company; Beijing Sinetec Technology Company; Shanghai Summit Technology Company; Nanjing Bibang Network Technology Development Company; Nanjing Herun Technology Company; Guangzhou […]

BSA: Software Piracy Rate Down To 80% In China

U.S.-headquartered non-profit software industry organization Business Software Alliance has revealed that the software piracy rate in China has decreased from 90% in 2004 to 80% in 2008.
According to BSA, during the entire year of 2008, the world’s software piracy rate continued to increase, of which, the piracy rate of PC software was 41%, which brought […]

Dispute Between And Chinese Anti-piracy Alliance Continues

Reacting to media reports earlier this week that 80 Chinese copyright owners had formed an anti-piracy alliance to start a massive legal assault against Chinese Internet video website, Huang Huiwen, vice president for, told local media that the company has not received any written notice or document about the lawsuit and has no […]

Eighty Copyright Owners Will Sue In China

About 80 Chinese copyright owners, including, Beijing Polybona Film Distribution, Beijing Orange Sky Entertainment Group and SFS Emperor, are planning a massive legal assault against Chinese Internet video website for various copyright infringements.

Kingsoft Reacts To Microsoft’s Anti-piracy Measures In China

Commenting on the desktop anti-piracy measure recently launched by Microsoft (MSFT) in China, Kingsoft says that although they too are harmed by pirated software, China-based Kingsoft will not copy Microsoft’s mode and promises to continue to offer free WPS Office software to individual users.

Microsoft Will Launch New Anti-piracy Measures In China

An internal email circulating at Microsoft (MSFT) states the company will launch strict anti-piracy measures in China from October 20, 2008 to fight pirated Windows XP Professional and Office software.

Hebei Website Closed For Olympic Copyright Infringement

According to the report of China News Service, at the historical moment when the whole world were watching the Bird’s Nest in Beijing on August 8, 2008, a website in Langfang, Hebei Province was closed by local copyright department for illegally broadcasting Olympic-related activities.