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In Tandem With Slower Economy, Chinese Internet Users Face Slower Internet This Week

Placing dogma over commerce, China’s Internet overlords have apparently been throttling down the speeds of Internet activity within China over the past few days as the National Congress of the Communist Party of China gets underway in Beijing. Similar to many other instances over the past decade when important meetings or events took place in […]

Did The Internet Die In China Yesterday?

Users throughout China yesterday reported broken Internet connections.

Guangzhou To Establish Emergency Communication Command System

The municipal government of Guangzhou and China Telecom Guangdong have signed an agreement to jointly establish the 800M Digital Trunking Network, an emergency communication command and dispatch system in Guangzhou.
Under the agreement, this project will be invested by China Telecom and will be rented by the government. China Telecom Guangdong will be responsible for the […]

China Unicom Qingdao Punished For Website Traffic Hijacking

According to decisions recently announced by Qingdao Intermediate People’s Court, China Unicom Qingdao and Tsingtao Osun Network Technique Company were punished for hijacking traffic from other commercial websites.
This is the first time that a telecom operator has been punished for website traffic hijacking in China.
Reports in local media state that starting from February 2009, China […]

Chinese Internet Security Firm Primed For Expansion

Beijing-based Anchiva is integrating Commtouch GlobalView URL filtering into its Secure Web Gateway product.
Anchiva’s Secure Web Gateway features anti-malware technology, URL filtering, Internet application control, bandwidth management and Web server content protection for companies of all sizes, from small businesses through large enterprises and service providers. Currently focused on the Chinese market, Anchiva plans to […] Plans To Purchase Bandwidth In Q4 will implement a new round of bandwidth purchases across China in the fourth quarter of 2008 to provide more stable video broadcasting and better experiences to its users.

ZTE Gains WiMAX Forum’s Wave2 System Certification

ZTE Corporation, China’s leading telecom equipment manufacturer, has announced that its WiMAX 16e system gained the Wave2 qualification certification issued by the WiMAX Forum.

Radio Bands Will Be Controlled During The Olympics

The Olympic Radio Management Joint Office has issued a radio control order, which says that during the 2008 Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games, the radio transmitting equipment in Beijing will be controlled during eight time periods.

China Mobile Builds World’s Highest Netcafe

China Mobile has set up an internet cafe on Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world.

Zhongshan Cable Adds Digital Television, HDTV Services

Guangdong’s Zhongshan Cable is deploying BigBand Networks’ (BBND) Broadband Multimedia-Service Router to process, manage and deliver digital television services, including HDTV and video-on-demand.