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NetEase Will Close Its Online Forums Next Month

Netease closureChinese Internet portal NetEase says that due to media business development needs, the company’s online forums will stop providing services …

Chinese Government Issues Strict Social Media Draft Regulations

China’s State Council Information Office today issued updated draft guidelines for further strengthening government oversight of the Internet. In today’s “Measures for the Administration of Internet Information Services”, the SCIO expands the need for company’s to register under a new regime to those websites offering microblogs, forums, and and other social media services. The rules […]

What Are Chinese Netizens Talking About? Naked Pictures, Earthquake, And More…

Chinese Internet portal (NTES) has released its 2008 China Internet Communication Report which summarizes the hot topics being searched and discussed on the Internet and Chinese blogosphere.

MSN China: Microsoft Will Launch Windows Live Groups In China

Feng Guangshun, general manager for MSN China’s public relations, says Microsoft (MSFT) is planning to replace the MSN Groups with Windows Live Group and the new service will also be soon launched in China.’s Founder Seized For Software Piracy

Hong Lei, the webmaster of Chinese download website and writer of Windows XP Tomato Edition, reportedly has been taken into custody by the Suzhou Public Security Bureau.

Chinese Netizen Number Reaches 253 Million

According to the 22nd report on China’s Internet development released by the China Internet Network Information Center, the number of Chinese netizens have reached 253 million, making China number one around the world.

Beijing Netcom Will Halt Broadband Service In August

Beijing Netcom, an affiliate of China Netcom, says it will soon not accept any new applications from consumers for installing a broadband or telephone until the end of the Beijing Olympic Games, but the company has denied that it will close the network during the Olympic Games as previously rumored on some Chinese Internet forums […]

Google Donates GSA To Chinese Universities

Google China (GOOG) has formally initiated the Google Search Appliance University Donation and Cooperation Program in Beijing.

Google Invests US$1 Million Into Chinese Tech Startup

Google (GOOG) has announced a US$1 million investment into Comsenz, an online community network technology provider in China.