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Which Chinese Telecom Continues To Dominate The Mobile Market?

China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom all published their operating statistics for May 2015 and China Mobile, who has over 800 million mobile users, continues to lead the Chinese telecom market. Statistics showed that China Mobile gained 373,000 new users in May 2015 and its user group reached 816.335 million. Of those, the number […]

China Mobile Set To Reap Benefits As Broadband Restrictions Are Eliminated

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China has formally issued three TD-LTE 4G licenses to the three major Chinese telecom carriers: China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom. Meanwhile, MIIT lifted its limit on China Mobile’s operation of fixed-line businesses, allowing this company to enter the fixed-line broadband market. China Mobile’s fixed-line communications […]

China’s National Development And Reform Commission Urges End To Broadband Oligopoly

Recent machinations in China suggest the Chinese telecommunications companies may be near the end of monopolizing their sector. Xu Kunlin, director of the bureau of price supervision and anti-monopoly at the National Development and Reform Commission, revealed to local media that the commission has been urging China Telecom and China Unicom to continue to rectify […]

China’s Broadband Fees Drop 30% As More Households Come Online

More Chinese netizens have access to faster Internet from their homes, according to latest figures. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China just held a webinar in Beijing covering the growth of broadband services. During the meeting, Miao Wei, minister of MIIT, said that in 2012, China’s fiber to the home project entered […]

China’s Alipay Reported 546% Wireless Payment Growth In 2012; Tibetan City Tops Ranking

Chinese third-party Internet payment service provider has published its report showing that the mobile payment service developed rapidly in China in 2012 with 546% year-on-year growth by trading value; and the number of people who used this service increased by 223%. According to Alipay, it has gradually become a habit for Chinese users to […]

In Tandem With Slower Economy, Chinese Internet Users Face Slower Internet This Week

Placing dogma over commerce, China’s Internet overlords have apparently been throttling down the speeds of Internet activity within China over the past few days as the National Congress of the Communist Party of China gets underway in Beijing. Similar to many other instances over the past decade when important meetings or events took place in […]

China Unicom Beijing Launches Free Trial Of Broadband Green Accounts

Chinese telecom operator China Unicom’s Beijing branch has recently launched a promotion by providing free trials of broadband “green” accounts to help protect Chinese youth from harmful information.
The broadband green accounts are based on China Unicom Beijing’s family broadband accounts. Users of the company’s family broadband service will gain an additional account with the suffix […]

Guangzhou To Establish Emergency Communication Command System

The municipal government of Guangzhou and China Telecom Guangdong have signed an agreement to jointly establish the 800M Digital Trunking Network, an emergency communication command and dispatch system in Guangzhou.
Under the agreement, this project will be invested by China Telecom and will be rented by the government. China Telecom Guangdong will be responsible for the […]

China’s Telecom Operators See User Declines In December 2008

All of the three major Chinese telecommunications operators have published their operating statistics for December 2008, of which, China Mobile was still the largest winner with a stable growth in user number, while rivals China Unicom and China Telecom saw serious declines in their respective fixed network businesses.

China Unicom Publishes Operating Statistics For November 2008

China Unicom has published its operating statistics for November 2008, which state the number of its GSM mobile phone users increased by 996,000 during the month, reaching an accumulated number of 133 million users.